Jackson Dwyer

Jackson Dwyer is a accredited photographer based the Northern Beaches in Sydney. Studying photography throughout his high school years has led Jackson to form “Sol Varsity Photography” with specialties in Sport, Wildlife, Events & Conference and Portraits. Jackson is motivated to reach goals such as wedding photography, Newborn photography & Real Estate Photography

Jackson has been a trusted photographer for the following;

  • Football N.S.W

  • Manly United FC

  • Sydney FC

  • Central Coast Mariners FC

  • Arsenal FC (English Premier League Giant)

  • EthanGroup

  • Australian Superbike Championship

  • State Emergency Service

  • Levels Nightclub

  • Wrestling GO!

“Jackson is also a very humble, unassuming person who manages to go about his work without fuss,

fitting into the culture and ecosystem of our football club brilliantly.

His work goes beyond capturing images as he has also put together inspirational and tactical videos” - CEO David Mason, Manly United FC